Meet ReneeNutritionist & Registered Dietitian

Meet Renee

Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian

Hi, I’m Renee. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been a registered dietitian and nutritionist for 8 years and love what I do. I originally went into dietetics because I wanted to help people feel good—and I believe that feeling good is both physical and mental, which is why my focus is not only on health and nutrition, but happiness too.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, but that can be really difficult to do if you don’t feel well. And things like chronic stomach pain, bad headaches and trouble with weight management can all make feeling well fairly impossible. But the human body is incredible, and when given the chance to shine, can make reaching even the most daunting goals possible.

My philosophy is simple. I don’t believe in good foods or bad foods (just “better for you than others” foods). I think all foods have a place in a well-balanced diet—it’s the balance part that’s important. I don’t believe in deprivation. I believe in nourishment. And I don’t believe in diets. I believe in small but impactful changes that, over time, will improve your quality of life. Come work with me and see for yourself!



Indiana University
B.S. in Applied Health Science, Concentration in Dietetics
Ball State University
Dietetics Internship
Professional Organizations
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
The Nutrition Entrepreneurs Practice Group
A Few Fun Facts
A Few Fun Facts

It took me nearly 30 years to recognize the importance of self care. Now, I start just about every day with meditation, movement and a nutritious breakfast. 

•My favorite thing to cook on the weekends is soup. I love one-pot meals (year-round) that can sit on the stove all day and be easily reheated.

•The only vegetable I don’t like is raw onions.

•But my favorite vegetable would have to be arugula. I love arugula! It goes with everything, from eggs to seafood to pizza.

•If I weren’t a dietitian, I would have become either a therapist or an anthropologist. I love working one-on-one with people. And I’m passionate about studying different cultures, past and present.

  • "I learned a ton and she walked me through the entire process... I lost weight but more importantly I learned how to eat (properly) for the rest of my life."

    M.K., Chicago
  • "Renee is fantastic! The LEAP diet gave me my life back after having awful headaches. She's patient, kind and super smart when it comes to food and illness. I'm off headache meds completely after working with Renee!"

    Alissa G., Chicago
  • "Renee was committed to designing a practical meal plan, highlighting both positive and negative health behaviors, and helping me formulate manageable goals for myself. But most importantly, she identified the things which motivated and discouraged me better than I could have even for myself... It changed the way I viewed my relationship with myself, with others, and ultimately, with food."

    Libby S., Chicago
  • "I had always just thought I had a messed up stomach but doing the testing and being counseled by Renee truly changed my life! I would highly recommend her to anyone with food issues and especially encourage people to try the LEAP MRT testing if you frequently have stomach issues."

    Molly M., Chicago
  • "Renee is both incredibly knowledgeable about nutritional science and an empathetic listener who gives great, practical advice. She helped me to understand the root of my relationship with food, and worked with me to set goals that resulted in the creation of positive, lasting habits."

    T.K., Chicago
  • "I suffered from stomach problems since I was a kid. After an especially awful stomach experience, I decided to look into dietitians to see if I could identify what foods were making me sick. I went to Renee in March 2013, I am so glad I found her. I had no idea that I could feel this...normal. Working with Renee has drastically improved the quality of my life. I'm so grateful to her!"

    Jill Y., Chicago
  • "Over the last month I've been working with Renee, I've seen more results than I had in three months on my own... I can honestly say that she's helped me figure out a way eat healthfully for the rest of my life. You rock, Renee!"

    Britt C., Chicago
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